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Professional Services

Our Focus Begins With the Client

Keating Investment Counselors, Inc. specializes in equity investment management and is a consultant to several institutions, as well as to many individual investors, regarding investment research and portfolio management. Fixed income securities are managed as a compliment to equity investments in order to reduce short term price volatility and variability of annual investment returns. In addition to portfolio management, KICI is an all around financial consultant helping clients make major financial life decisions in order to reach their goals and maximize happiness.

Client Service

Keating Investment Counselors, Inc. recognizes that superior personal service is an integral part of effective investment management. Understanding the client and his or her needs and constraints is central to our investment management process. This requires taking the time to meet in-depth to understand the client’s total life situation. An investment policy is then developed taking into account all client needs and restrictions.

In addition to formal meetings, we believe it is important to have ongoing two-way communication between clients and our firm. On a quarterly basis we review each client portfolio, outlining specific goals and objectives for the account, along with our investment strategy. When we make major changes in an account, we communicate this information via written correspondence. It is our strong belief that an essential part of the management of a client’s account is their understanding of the reasoning behind our investment decisions.

Keating Investment Counselors, Inc. also prepares an expanded “Investment Strategy” on a quarterly basis. This investment strategy is in keeping with the investment philosophy we follow and outlines our economic and market overview, capital market outlook, and recommended strategy for fixed income and equity investments.

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